Kurai's Jutsu

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Kurai's Jutsu

Post by Kurai on Thu Nov 06, 2008 12:54 pm

Name: Twin Wolf Jutsu
Effect: the user uses two elements to make two wolves, one is one element and the other is the other element, which savage the oppenent and use their own element to inflict extra damage

Phoenix hurricane jutsu
rank A
the user creates a giant phoenix made of flames that swirls around the creator and opponent, destroying all other elemental jutsu apart from fire. It then rises up into the air and sends down fire kunai made from its feathers before disapperaring

Raven Illusion Jutsu
Rank B
The user transforms into a raven and summons a whole flock of ravens which they then hide in and use to get a grip of the battlefield. this jutsu is normally used as an escape jutsu

Burning Wolf
rank A
the user brings forth a huge wolf made out of fire which collides with any other elemental jutsu and attempts to push it back. it then leaps for the opponent.

Spirit shield jutsu
rank A
Kurai uses her kekkai genkai which can call forth the spirits from her deceased family. she calls forth her family and they shield her, protecting her from nearly every attack. however, this move is draining

Kage Sakura
Rank A
Millions of cherry blossoms are blown up into the air with a gust of wind. They then turn black and gain a sharp tip. They then tear through the enemy. This jutsu can also be used as a distraction or an escape jutsu since the sakura blossoms create a good diversion.

Rank S
Kurai uses all her chakra to induce a move similar to the chidori and rasengan only it is made from black flames and Kurai's kekkei genkai has to be active ot do it. This move is very powerful but uses up a lot of chakra.

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