My app aprove it!

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My app aprove it!

Post by Rikku on Sun Nov 02, 2008 5:37 am

Name:Nara Rikku



Village:Hidden Cloud Village.

Ninja Rank:RaiKage


BloodLine: Eternal Mangekyo Shringan.Shadow Massive Control.


Personality:A person that is very mysterious not much to speak about.







Born of a prodigy Arc

One day a little baby was born...Rikku.He belonged to the Nara clan.No one suspected that a Nara clan member would be a prodigy.At the age of 2 he knew how to walk,talk,and play.

Gennin Arc

At the age of 6 he was a gennin.He knew how to control shadows like a master.He could make a shadow kill the human in it.He was amazing.

Chuunin Arc

At the age of 8 he was chuunin.He skipped one year because he din´t wanted to rush.He was very smart and passed the test in calm.He was a smart boy,smarter in all school.Even the teachers would lose to him.He had complete control on shadows.

Jounin Arc

He becomed Jounin at age of 9.He could now make everything with shadows.He was sensei of a team called ...Team Shadow.All formed by the first nara clan members.He teached them enough.Everyone feared him.He could be Jounin but he was Kage Level.

Missing-Nin arc

At age of 14 he decided to leave the village.He wanted to travel and make a new jutsu on his mind.He wanted to make is own village.He wanted power.

Sharingan arc

He worked on a technique so powerful..That it´s effect was to steal kekkei genkai.He could only steal one per life.He choosed to steal Mangekyo sharingan.In the age of 18 he had the technique finished .He founded a Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan user and take it from him.The other man got killed in the end by him.

Lighting Village Arc

He created a village called Lighting village.The ninjas in there specialized in lighting control.Like rain but insted of rain they control lighting.

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Re: My app aprove it!

Post by Lord Orochimaru on Sun Nov 02, 2008 5:40 am

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